Top 4 Social Media Strategies Leaders Take

Top 4 Social Media Initiatives leaders take in the online space.

Being up to date is arguably more important to marketers than ever before, especially with posts being uploaded every millisecond, took many to count. You are expected not only to publish fresh content on a regular basis, but also to be always “on” for your followers. Here are some simple and key steps to beat competitors.

 Find the best time to post on social media.

The best time to post on social media has seen many notable changes in the 2021 data, and engagement has increased and changed by platform and industry. Both the brand and its customers are constantly adapting their online behaviours, creating new patterns of interaction and engagement on social media. As many of us continue to refine and rethink our 2022 strategy, this data will help marketers understand what they are doing on social media today. Review your past posts and try and identify which posts did better than others based on the day and time of post.

 Attend to customer queries and replies as soon as possible.

Your customer wants a quick response and they need to know that you’re always there for them. In fact, 47% of marketers believe that strong customer service will be a great brand on social media. Your brand can’t forget these core elements of community building. Efforts are needed to ensure that conversation and engagement opportunities are not unattended. Through social media, you have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with your customers by engaging with them on a daily or weekly basis. That’s why social customer care is so important to brands that are trying to raise their audience awareness. The word of excellent service spreads quickly.

 Combine other functions within the company to reap the benefits of having a strong online voice.

Social media teams have their own advantages in understanding customer emotions. They are your brand’s online eyes and ears. These insights don’t just help you form your marketing strategies, but empower your company to  sharpen its next steps forward. However, according to index data, only 39% of marketers use social data to support other departments. HR, sales, products and merchandising are the departments that can benefit from social media.

 Create more story and time sensitive posts.

The story doesn’t go anywhere. Story-style content that leverages follower FOMOs is interactive and cannot be overlooked. By default, this content appears first in your followers’ feeds to help your brand account skip rows and keep viewers fresh. Stories are especially valuable for taking followers behind the scenes and making social feeds more personal. For example, think of ways to use stories to report on an event or take your followers on a trip without leaving Gram’s comfort. Create a short-form video. Video is the most valuable type of content for achieving social goals, and for good reason. Social video is booming, especially with the advent of TikTok and Instagram reels. Due to the high engagement rate, both long-form and short-form works continue to dominate social space on all platforms.