Important Notice

[Important Announcement]
Please be aware of WhatsApp fraud involving persons posing as Gambarr Malaysia or Gambarr Dotcom HR/Marketing Manager or any other persons claiming to represent the company or company group affiliates.

Gambarr Dotcom PLT, known also as Gambarr Malaysia has recently learned of a WhatsApp scam involving persons posing as company officers, HR Personnels, or falsely claiming to represent the company or company group affiliates, while soliciting the opportunity to become hiring agents on behalf of the company.

Examples of solicitations are as follows.


1. Emily from HR department about a job offer that is online. They received your number from a job recruitment site such as Jobstreet, LinkedIn etc. The role is a part-time job, flexible and the scope is to increase social media celebrities exposure on Instagram. They will first pay you after completion of a number of simple tasks via Touch n Go app and ask you to join a Telegram group. Hereafter, you will be taken to an external site. For the new mission, different IPs are being recruited to assist in hyping cryptocurrencies and places are limited. Merchant has paid the deposit and it will be returned after 10 minutes. Prepayment is required. RM60 cash back RM90, RM300 cash back RM390, RM500 cash back RM650 and the numbers go up.

2. Amina from HR department of Gambarr Digital Media about a job offer online. It is a remote job and the role is to just like/follow account of our celebrities on Instagram and get paid for it. You will get 3 test task for you to understand how it works and you will get paid RM12 for it via Touch n Go mobile app or bank transfer. First, open Instagram search @XXXXX and follow the account and send a screenshot.

Below are some of the numbers circulating that we are aware of:

+6011-6168 8003

+6011-1183 3585

+6011-6092 2495

+6011-7001 3717

+6011-6438 4360

+6017-331 4751

+6011-3971 2982

+6011-6973 5608

+6011-6445 0163

+6011-6062 0328

+6011-2875 9394

+6011-6935 4771

+6017-714 8342

+6011-6054 0705

+6011-6938 6097

The company and officers have absolutely no involvement with these fraudulent practices and do not make such solicitations.

Please be aware of this scam, and if you receive WhatsApp solicitations from anyone posing as the company or company officers that appears even remotely suspicious, please do not reply them. We strongly urge everyone to refrain from engaging with these corporate scammers and immediately contact the local authority on this. PLT has also taken steps to lodge a police report on 15 November 2022 to address this corporate scam (attached below).

Thank you and stay safe.

Gambarr team